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In 2003 Erwin de Wolff started his career as a specialized horse photographer.
In previous years, he portraited weddings and people and nature he encountered on his worldwide travels.

Erwin started at the top location of (equine) photography, namely Gestuet Schieferegg,
the Andalucian Finca of Ulrike Marcik, established in Villamartin, a small village in Spain.
There he photographed the rare Iranian Asil Arabians, ridden by Tina Weidner, a German endurance
rider who beat reining World Champion endurance Miguel Vila in the 200 km long race known as Copa del Rey 2006!
Erwin immediately became an internationally recognized equestrian photographer, because of the first collection of Schieferegg/Weidner

After this first success, many other succesful shoots followed.
One of the most beautiful places close to our home is Dutch Joy, the endurance and Arabian training centre
of Yvonne van der Velde. Fifteen years ago, Yvonne and her purebred Arab stallion Joy Jashin were the cream of the crop of European endurance, ranking 1st at the ELDRIC list. Nowadays, Yvonne continues to compete at top level endurance with the progeny of Jashin.
At Dutch Joy, Erwin took many excellent photos that are now published worldwide.

One of the most artistic shoots was our report on Op Gen Busschelen endurance team.
The magic was there that day and Erwin portraited Desiree Haanen and her endurance Arabians at their
very best!

He also photographed famous Olympic dressage rider Rafael Soto Andrade at the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte
Ecuestre. Erwin then also started to specialise in photographing the Andalusian horse, a very 'showy' breed.

Among the numerous publications and activities:
- photography for the book Impressions written and published by Saskia
Klaasen (launched at the Tulip Cup 2005 and available at Eurocenter
Horsebooks, Mr. Boogaart)
- The Arabian Magazine
- Paard en Spul
- Andalusian Horse International
- AVS magazine
- BAPS newsletter
- De Paardenkrant
- NRPS news

- NRPS endurance competition 2004 (photography and sponsor)
- Dutch Joy endurance competition 2005 (photography, website design and sponsor)
- Dutch Joy endurance competition 2006 (photography, website design and sponsor)
- Dutch Joy endurance competition 2007 (photography, website design and sponsor)
- TREC Event The Netherlands 2005 (sponsor)
- TREC Event The Netherlands 2006 (sponsor)
- TREC Event The Netherlands 2007 (sponsor)
- TREC Lunteren 2007 (sponsor)

- Webdesign of www.wolffphotography.nl and www.endurancecompetitie.com
- Design of the hand-outs of TREC club Nederland

- June-July 2005, exhibition at the Court House of Breda

- Endurance educational film (Horse Event 2004)


Tina Weidner at Gonzalo's stud July 2007

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